LDCF/SCCF LDCF/SCCF special study of completed projects



The study analyzes outcome, sustainability and M&E ratings, innovative approaches, gender considerations, countries’ fragility and lessons learned of all completed projects of the Least Developed Countries Fund / Special Climate Change Fund (LDCF/SCCF). The objective of the study is to identify trends and linkages among rated variables and to find out which variables overall led to higher project outcome and sustainability ratings. The special study reviewed terminal evaluations, terminal evaluation reviews, and other relevant project documentation of 53 completed projects, having a combined grant value of $173.21 million. There are 31 completed projects that received funding from the LDCF and 22 completed project that received funding from the SCCF. These projects account for $95.85 million in LDCF funding and $77.36 million in SCCF funding. Geographically, 30 projects are in Africa, 12 are in the Asia and Pacific region, five projects are in the Latin America and Caribbean region, two projects are regional, and four projects are global.

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  • Jun 2019

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