Evaluation of the UNSDG Human Rights Mainstreaming Multi-Donor Trust Fund 2011- 2019



The United Nations Development Group Human Rights Mainstreaming Mechanism (UNDG-HRM) is established to further institutionalize the mainstreaming of human rights into UN operational activities for development by further strengthening system-wide coherence, collaboration and support for UNRCs and the UNCTs on human rights mainstreaming, as well as to strengthen the coherence of UN responses to national priorities, thus ensuring strong national ownership and capacity to fulfil human rights obligations. The UNDG HRM will support strategic activities at global, regional and country level that ultimately contribute to the transformational change and/or impact at the country level. Mainstreaming of human rights within the UN system has thus been central to a series of UN reform initiatives since 1997. In the area of development, human rights mainstreaming has progressively gained momentum under the UNDG from general policy integration and coherence at global level to strengthened UN capacity for actions at country level in support of national actions through joint programming and advocacy, which was accelerated by the Global Action 2 interagency programme (2004-2008). Political impetus for human rights mainstreaming was significantly strengthened by the 2005 World Summit, in which world leaders reaffirmed that human rights, development and peace and security are three interlinked pillars of the UN, and gave explicit support for the integration of human rights within the UN system as well as resolving to integrate human rights into their national policies. The 2007 General Assembly resolution on Triennial Comprehensive Policy Review (TCPR) further provided the context for UN operational activities for development, by ’recognizing also that development, peace and security and human rights are interlinked and mutually reinforcing, and reaffirming that development is a central goal in itself and that it constitutes a key element of the overarching framework for the United Nations operational activities for development’. Governing bodies of many UNDG member agencies also gave explicit support for mainstreaming and contributing to human rights within their respective mandates. Numerous resolutions of the Human Rights Council (and the former Commission on Human Rights) have called upon UN agencies to contribute to human rights and to integrate human rights into their activities.

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