Vacancy Announcement Details

Evaluation Consultant, OIO

06 Mar 2023


Result of Service

• Inception report – draft and final 
• Summary Interview Note
• PowerPoint presentation of preliminary findings, conclusions and recommendations - Draft and final 
• Evaluation reports – draft and final

Work Location

Montréal, Canada


Expected duration

The selected consultant is expected to be employed within the period of 27 March to 31 October 2023 for 50 working days.

Duties and Responsibilities


The mandate of The Office of Internal Oversight (OIO) is to assist the Secretary General in ensuring that ICAO is managed effectively, efficiently and economically and in conformity with the applicable regulations and rules, and to provide him/her with independent and objective assurance, advice, insight and foresight through performing internal audits, evaluations, and other oversight assignments. OIO assesses and contributes to the improvement of governance, risk management, and control processes; and to the improvement of programme management and achievement of results, using a systematic and disciplined approach that ensures accountability for the effective and efficient use of organizational resources in accordance with the approved Budget and Business Plan. 

Evaluation is mainly focused on assessing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of programmes and activities against established plans and objectives. Internal audit ensures that a system of cost-effective internal controls has been established to mitigate potential risks to the Organization, to ensure compliance with policies, regulations, rules and administrative directives, and to ensure accountability for the proper, efficient and economical use of resources, consistent with organizational objectives and applicable best practices. 


Under the general guidance of the Chief, Office of Internal Oversight (OIO), and reporting to the Evaluation Specialist, the evaluation consultant will assess the Regional Portfolio of North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACC) Office, conduct analysis of findings, and produce evaluation reports with practical recommendations. The overall objective of the evaluation is to examine the relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of the NACC Office in addressing regional priorities and Member States aviation objectives and identify lessons, best practices, and provide recommendations for improvement. The consultant will conduct the evaluation in line with the Norms and Standards for Evaluation in the United Nations System approved by the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) in April 2016. 

Function 1 (incl. Expected results)

Develops and finalizes the drafts Inception report and tools. 

The Inception report will provide evidence-based information that is credible, reliable, and useful. The evaluation consultant is expected to develop inception report and data collection tools under the supervision and in consultation with the evaluation specialist and key stakeholders both in Montreal and NACC Regional Office. 

Function 2 (incl. Expected results)

Collects and analyses data for the evaluation. 

The Evaluation Consultant reviews all relevant sources of information, such as the Business Plans, NACC Regional Office Operating Plans, project documents, Global Plans, PIRGs/RASGs plans and different Bureaus, programmes, plans, projects, reports, etc., and any other materials that the Consultant considers useful for this evidence-based assessment. A list of documents will also be provided to the Consultant. In addition, the Evaluation Consultant, with the support of the Evaluation Specialist: 

• Collects data from existing ICAO information systems;
• Collects data and information through face to face and/or virtual interviews and surveys as well as other data collection methods from ICAO Headquarters, Regional Office, Member States and projects;
• Prepares summary interview notes;
• Analyses data/information and performs technical quality assurance of the interpretation of the results of such analyses; and
• Prepares and presents initial findings in Power Point. 

Function 3 (incl. Expected results)

Develops conclusions and actionable recommendations and drafts Evaluation Report. 

The report should be prepared and presented following the guidance document clearly responding to the evaluation questions under each criterion. The consultant, with the support from the evaluation Specialist: 

• Prepares the draft report following the evaluation report outline and the TOR;
• Collects and analyses comments received during the briefing and address them as necessary; 
• Submits final Evaluation Report.

Function 4 (incl. Expected results)

Performs other duties, as assigned

Full details available on the UN website. Application deadline 16th March.