Vacancy Announcement Details

Director, Independent Evaluation (D1)

07 Mar 2023


Together with the Ethics Office, the Office of Independent Evaluation forms part of the Independent Oversight Functions of UNAIDS. Reporting directly to the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board, it is structurally and functionally independent and provides leadership and strategic guidance on the implementation of UNAIDS evaluation policy. The Office enhances effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, impact and sustainability of the Joint Programme by ensuring independent, impartial and credible evaluations of the work of the UNAIDS Secretariat as well as HIV-related activities of UNAIDS Cosponsor organizations. Evaluation conclusions and recommendations are essential for shaping policies, programmes, advocacy and partnerships at all levels and thus have a direct contribution to the effectiveness of the global AIDS response.

Main tasks and Responsibilities of the Position:
The Director, Independent evaluation leads the evaluation team to carry out the Joint Programme and the UNAIDS Secretariat evaluation work in accordance with the organizational evaluation policy and plan.

He / she has the following key responsibilities:

1) Evaluation leadership and representation
- Prepares UNAIDS biennial evaluation plan and leads the periodic reviews of the evaluation policy and presents these to the Programme Coordinating Board for approval. Liaises on the evaluation plan s strategic priorities, identification of evaluations and the revision and approval of the evaluation policy.
- Liaises with and advises the Senior Leadership Team and Cosponsors and reports to the Expert Advisory Committee and Programme Coordinating Board on: evaluation findings, development effectiveness and results, Joint Programme's performance, management responses to evaluations and the overall exercise of the evaluation function in the organization.
-Guides the systematic conduct of independent assessments of programmes, activities, policies, and results at UNAIDS country, regional and global levels, thus supporting a culture of results-orientation, evidence-based decision making and continuous learning for transformative change.
-Leads the development of innovative evaluation tools, guidelines, methodologies, approaches, and training initiatives that enhance delivery of results in accordance with the organizational strategic plan and the global HIV response agenda.
-Actively convenes and promotes dialogue with Cosponsors and builds strong evaluation partnerships with other UN organizations, donors and professional evaluation societies. Secures the participation in, contributions of and benefits for UNAIDS in global evaluation processes.

2) Commissioning and coordination of evaluations
- Holds overall responsibility for the implementation of the evaluation plan. Designs, commissions, and manages independent evaluations that meet UNAIDS evaluation policy standards and global development evaluation best practices. Ensures the timely dissemination of evaluation results for pertinent action. This includes the UNAIDS Secretariat's evaluation work as well as evaluations of the Joint Programme, which are conducted jointly with the evaluation offices of Cosponsor organizations.
- Ensures that evaluation findings are disseminated appropriately and are publicly accessible through the established channels. Promotes the use of findings, lessons learned and recommendations in policy and programme formulation and implementation.

3) Management
- Manages the Independent evaluation unit and team.
- Provides overall direction for its effective functioning and quality assurance of the unit's outputs. This includes people, resource, time and financial management and performance monitoring.
- Coordinates the work of the team which includes advising, guiding, motivating and developing staff.

Performs other duties as required.

Full details available on the UNAIDS website. Application deadline 28th March.