WFP Evaluation Policy 2022

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This updated WFP evaluation policy responds to changes in circumstances since the last evaluation policy was approved, to ensure that WFP profits from a well-balanced, utility-focused evaluation function that supports a culture of accountability and learning. 

The updated WFP evaluation policy is introduced at a time when WFP’s strategic plan for 2022–2025 has made clear the organization’s  commitment to becoming evidence-driven in delivering its results. Evaluation evidence makes a key contribution to organizational learning and to ensuring that programmes, plans, policies and strategies are evidence-based. 

The updated WFP evaluation policy is rooted in the most recent international norms and standards for evaluation. It builds on the previous policy to ensure that the evaluation function continues to mature, particularly at the decentralized level, that the use of evaluations and evaluation evidence is enhanced within WFP and that the evaluation function can further its partnerships with others to support global decision making and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • Mar 2022


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