UNEG Maturity Matrix Checklist

UNEG Maturity Matrix checklist.pdf (715 KB / English)


This checklist is the standalone Annex in the UNEG Self-Assessment Maturity Matrix for UN Evaluation Functions (November 2022).

Building on earlier normative frameworks for UN evaluation functions developed by the UN Joint Inspection Unit and Office for Internal Oversight Services, the matrix provides a normative framework for Peer Reviews against the UNEG Norms & Standards for Evaluation.

The key audience for the Matrix is UN evaluation functions that have requested a Peer Review, and which typically conduct a self-assessment prior to the arrival of the Peer Review Panel. It may also be of broader use to any UNEG member  - or indeed any evaluation function outside of the UN - seeking to compare their functions’ institutional set up and practice of evaluation against the agreed normative framework for evaluation at the UN. The key innovation of the Matrix is that the fifty + performance criteria are now linked very explicitly to the UNEG Norms and Standards.  There are also fewer criteria proposed making the tool more accessible to the full UNEG membership, including the smaller functions. 

The new version of the matrix has been piloted and used in four of the last Peer Review exercises (UNESCO, ICAO, UNITAR and UNHCR).

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