Summative Evaluation of the Adolescents Programme in State of Palestine


This evaluation aims to assess the contribution of the Adolescent and Youth Programme on the priorities of the government, evaluate relevancy of Adolescent and Youth Programme and identify promising practices and lessons learnt from the ADAP and cross-sectoral partnerships in the State of Palestine (SoP). The specific objectives of the evaluation include: Specific Objectives: i. Assess the project’s performance using standard OECD evaluation criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact and sustainability) and humanitarian action criteria (connectedness, coherence, coverage) in assessing Adolescent and Youth Programme and how cross-cutting issues such as a human rights-based approach to programming (HRBAP), gender equality and equity and disability has been addressed or recommendations of mainstreaming the cross-cutting issues mentioned. ii. Assess and identify the gaps between the UNICEF Adolescent and Youth strategy and the National Youth Strategy in their implementation to provide evidence and recommendations for making the UNICEF Adolescent and Youth strategy more effective, efficient and result oriented. This will include how well the programme is: aligned and integrated with the UNICEF Adolescent and Youth Strategy; and embedded within national/ local policies and service delivery mechanisms. iii. Determine the achievement of UNICEF’s accountability objectives in ensuring relevance, performance and quality of the various projects to the key stakeholders. iv. Provide evidence for UNICEF to advance its advocacy efforts in the Adolescent sector basing upon the findings around the OECD criteria of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. v. Identify key lessons learnt of the ADAP project, extrapolate the scalability in light of partners’ similar projects, document the issues/challenges encountered by the project and provide recommendations for such ADAP projects implemented by UNICEF and the wider youth sector stakeholders

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  • Sep 2023

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