Country Programme Evaluation of UNICEF Philippines Country Programme (2019-2023)


The main purpose of the CPE is to draw lessons learned to inform the design and implementation of the next UNICEF Philippines County Programme (CP) 2024-2028. The evaluation will inform the remaining period of implementation of the current Country Programme. The UNICEF Philippines CPE will also inform the development of the new UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF), particularly looking at UNICEF’s efforts to maximize joint programming with other United Nations (UN) agencies, including support for localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting a comprehensive approach to peacebuilding in Mindanao, and in implementing the normative role of the UN. The CPE will contribute to organisational learning on UNICEF’s strategic positioning (i.e., comparative advantage and value proposition), and enhance its accountability to the Government, donors, peers and implementing partners. It is expected that UNICEF and its partners in Philippines will benefit most from an evaluation of how well UNICEF is strategically positioned to realize it’s CP goals for children, and to be a partner going forward for the child focused issues prioritized by the Government. The results of this CPE are expected to be available just as UNICEF and partners and government begin to formulate the 2024-2028 Country Programme. The purpose of the CPE is twofold: a) To support managerial decision-making in the current programme, as well as preparations for the next CP development process. The CPE will examine UNICEF’s strategic positioning in Philippines through the lens of the six above mentioned implementation strategies. b) To support organisational and local learning about what works and does not work, especially to inform the extent to which UNICEF Philippines Country Office is strategically able to implement the six core strategies to achieve the expected results in the current CP and next programming cycle.

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  • Sep 2023

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